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Sharp quarrel

Espen Søbye delivers both interesting and cervulant analyzes of human folly. At times, the texts had dressed in a more down-to-earth language.


Cultural critic Espen Søbye works, among other things, as a book reviewer in Dagbladet, and is often distinguished by a sharp and liberating ability to distinguish dirt from cinnamon. In the article collection Word for word it gets the most dirt, because Søbye fosters the most credibility. Other articles are more informative and debatable, such as when he examines the role of statistics in the arrests of Norwegian Jews during the war, or when he talks about stock fraud in the capital at the turn of the last century.

The book consists of 17 articles and essays from Søbye's hand in the period 1986 to 2004, and they cover everything from child labor in Norwegian industry to Se og Hør.

Oil barons and freedom of choice

It is important that someone cuts through the Power Inquiry and Statoil's long fingers in poor countries, to name a few of what Søbye dissects. Not least the alliance between our domestic oil giant and the Norwegian Red Cross. It was established by former general secretary Jonas Gahr Støre, who according to Søbye has also had others. . .

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