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Skeptical about oil drilling on Svalbard

A Norwegian oil company will test for oil in a national park in Svalbard.


On Tuesday, August 16th, the so-called fairing business will be held at the Bergmesteren in Trondheim. The Norwegian oil company Norwegian Petroleum Group, by its subsidiary Northlight Oil, has applied for a total of five areas, or targets, in the outlet of Van Mijenfjorden, on the west side of Spitsbergen.

The company has high hopes for the Bellsund field, where they registered inventions five years ago. Thus, they have the first right to seek exclusion. If targets are awarded, the company has the exclusive right to operate in the area. However, in the case of sample drilling for oil, this must be approved after a new application.

The protected area where Bellsund is located,. . .

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