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Shooting range for cluster weapons

Foreign cluster weapons are scheduled to be tested on Regionfelt Eastern Norway.


[cluster weapons] Testing of other countries' cluster weapons is planned on the test field in Region field Eastern Norway. Secretary of State Espen Barth Eide in the Ministry of Defense confirms that allies can also use the new field to be expanded from the summer. The purpose is to test similar cluster weapons that Norway has in stock: ground-fired cluster munitions, so-called cargo ammunition.

The Storting has previously decided that Norway should work for an international ban on cluster bombs, and the red-green government has introduced a ban on the use of cluster weapons Norway has in stock.

Norwegian People's Aid responds head-on to the information. From then on, the organization is concerned that Norway will carry out blasts of its own cluster munitions that are now in stock, to re-check the blind thread percentage. The blasts are already happening in the autumn at the Hjerkinn test field.

- That one uses a lot of resources here to test cluster munitions that the Soria Moria Declaration will ban, is an absurdity. When the Armed Forces also allows foreign forces to test cluster munitions, it is not only absurd, but a direct provocation, says Per Nergaard, head of the mining section of Norwegian People's Aid.

He questions how much the Soria Moria Declaration is worth when Norway now expands a firing range just to test weapons that the government is working politically to ban.

- All cluster munitions have problems related to a wide field of impact. . .

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