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This is how Lem sees it

Steinar Lem has written a book that goes in well-known tracks, and it is not about his new yes position to the EU.

The little life, Steinar Lem's new book, is a strange printed matter. Though, it is unmistakably insidious from the first to the last page. On page 32, for example, he writes: “What would be the problem with spending luxury billions on vaccine programs for poor children and giving the little life in the rainforest and coniferous forest the eternal existence it is entitled to? There is no lack of knowledge, no money, no other resources. Only the will is missing. The will to limit one's unfolding – a limit that at least goes by the others' right to existence. And since existence is not enough, neither for women in Afghanistan nor the bears in Hedmark: dignity. "

And so it continues, more or less, through 15 essay-like texts or personal / private stories from the author's everyday life – small stories about the little life's e. . .

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