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Stop whining

You don't have to love yourself.


[therapy community] A man comes to the first hour with a psychologist:

- My problem is that I can not express my feelings.

- But it's fantastic, women love the silent type!

- Yes, I know, but I wish I could express better what I mean.

- Do you think anyone would find it interesting, then?

- I do not know. I never try.

- Do you have any thoughts that you think might be interesting, then?

- That is the problem, most often I do not think they are so interesting.

- Why should not it vote?

- You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

- Yes, and there are then enough idiotic people who express their opinions in the cabin and weather. Think of all the empty nonsense you save the world for!

This is what a typical therapy class with Jeffrey Wijnberg looks like, according to himself. The Dutch-American psychologist believes he cures patients faster, cheaper and more efficiently than traditional psychologists. In the book Who Needs a Shrink? or You do not have to love yourself, as it is called in Swedish translation, he goes to frontal attacks against traditional forms of therapy. Wijnberg dispels the myths of human consciousness, one by one, and we all know them:. . .

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