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End of neutral cultural money

Everyone agrees that culture and industry are a good combination. Except the artists. They should see the possibility of capital as a gift package, writes Anne-Britt Gran.


The tributary tribute to the interaction between culture and industry announces a new cultural policy rhetoric in Norway: Culture should be promoted that industry, and at the same time be a driving force and creative capital in an innovative business life. This is what all the parties, including the FRP, agree on. Even SV's Kristin Halvorsen praised culture as good business policy in Aftenposten's cultural policy series before the election. This presents Norwegian artists with new challenges, new artistic opportunities and new fresh money. Nevertheless, these new opportunities are far from tempting the entire artist community, which constantly continues to focus on the Norwegian state as a patron. It is historically understandable, but remarkably uncreative – both artistically and financially.

The new one spoke whether culture and industry is not a transient cultural policy phenomenon, a trend,. . .

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