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Small people, big business

The advertising freaks to the little ones everywhere they can be reached. Who wins when the state takes up the fight against the marketing industry? In the new Marketing Act, the very youngest consumers are dedicated to a separate chapter. But the fight against the commercialization of childhood is lost, experts say.

[advertisement] In the shelter of a blank Peppes Pizza car, dad Ketil A. Homme sits with two pink-clad daughters. They breathe a little fresh air while the other family members explore the possibilities in the large shopping tent at Norway Cup. Seven-year-old Liv Hege has bought a horse cover for his mobile phone. Has a horse at home in Setesdalen. Little sister Wild on three smiles wide and holds out a purple toy mobile with the Barbie logo.

For thousands of mobile phone providers, clothing chains and food manufacturers, Liv Hege and Vilde are not just small children. . .

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