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Sola planes


Stavanger Aftenblad was able to reveal at the beginning of June that a US-registered MD-82 aircraft had landed at Sola on June 1. The aircraft turned out to be a state-owned US company, and this aircraft is used to transport prisoners in.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Anne Lene Sandsten informed Aftenbladet that the aircraft had not applied for a landing permit in Norway on this occasion. She could tell that the Americans had responded that prisoners had not been on the plane when it landed on the Sun on June 1.

Stavanger Aftenblad has since found that these aircraft have landed at Sola on at least ten occasions in the last year, but that they will not have landed there after 1 June. Probably the US has instead chosen to use Glasgow as a stopover only.

The planes that have landed on Sola should not be confused with the CIA planes that have used Norwegian airspace, as Ny Tid discusses here. The Sola plane is officially a state plane, while the CIA planes operate as completely ordinary civilian planes.

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