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Sold pirate fish

The Ålesund company Drevik International admits buying and selling pirate fish which the EU rejected.


[fish] Drevik International has traded at least one cargo of fish originating from the pirate fleet on the Reykjanes Ridge. This confirms the CEO of the company, Ole Johan Drevik. Drevik International is several times linked to the sale of illegal fish.

Several other Norwegian fish buyers are dealing with pirate trawls that are fishing illegal fishing

Reykjanesryggen, claims the head of the control section of the Directorate of Fisheries, Einar Ellingsen.

To Ny Tid, Ellingsen says that they have not had enough resources to expose more people who sell illegal fish, but that they will be able to prioritize these cases by the autumn.

The pirate trawlers on the Reykjanes Ridge sell the fish to freezer boats that resell to buyers from all over the world. One of these fish buyers is the Ålesund company Drevik International, which this winter was linked to the purchase of illegal fish from the Russian trawler "Elektron".

Ole Johan Drevik of Drevik International admits to Ny Tid that in the summer of 2005 they sold the cargo to the freezer boat "Sunny Jane" which was in the Moroccan port city of Agadir.

The Russian-owned freezer is registered in

Belize, and in June 2005 was filled with redfish from the pirate fleet on Reykjanesryggen. At first they tried to load the fish in the Dutch port of Eemshaven, but were rejected because the load was fished illegally. Then they are said to have tried in a Scottish port, but were also rejected here, before the trip. . .

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