City of Joy

Sisterhood and hope for the future

Around 200 000 women have been raped as part of the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. City of Joy is a hot documentary on the way back to life.

Nita is a freelance journalist and critic for MODERN TIMES.
Published: November 1, 2018
City of Joy
Director: Madeleine Gavin
(USA, Congo 2016,1h 14min)

Audience favorites are rare among the films that win jury awards. And while the jury's criteria may vary, the audience always rewards emotions, stories of shared human experiences and heartwarming films that inspire and move. More than charm the masses, these films are powerful, capable of changing minds and hearts - and often invite reflection and re-evaluation of preconceived notions we have of places and people.

Madeleine Gavins City of Joy won the Public Award during the film festival Movies That Matter in the Netherlands this year, and illustrates in a good way what is mentioned…

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