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Urban warfare and lack of social stability

CONFLICT / The fact that unemployed urban youth go into drug dealing, street gangs, militias and sectarian political organizations is not surprising. Yet something else may be more important than crime prevention and counter-terrorism.

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Cities are the battlefield of the present and especially the future. The war in Ukraine is about control of cities. Terrorist attacks on a shopping center in Nairobi, a luxury hotel and railway station in Mumbai, the government quarter in Oslo, a primary school in Beslan and residential areas in Aleppo all point to urban "war zones" as central. The number of armed conflicts between states has been significantly reduced in recent decades, even though there is an ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. 70 percent of today's conflicts take place in urban areas with slums as a starting point. It is a global tendency that neither organizations for military strategy nor development have. . .

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Erik Berg
Erik Berg worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / NORAD from 1978 to 2013. He now heads Habitat Norway.

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