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Split in SV about protests

The county leaders split in the view whether it is okay for the SV's parliamentary representatives to protest against their own government.


Michael Bo Bergman / Vestfold

- War participation creates strong commitment in SV, we have no "never-mind" button. It is both important and right that the party's shop stewards make a loud noise when our adopted policy is broken. It has to do with pain threshold.

Aksel Hagen / Oppland

- I think it was good that we marked ourselves outside the Storting against the decision to send fighter jets to Afghanistan. But I am surprised that profiled SV members have been so quick to criticize our own ministers in environmental and school matters.

Steinar A. Miland / Telemark

- There has been a lot of stumbling and starting difficulties for SV. There is no doubt that there is a lot of frustration in the party, but one should think about whether it is wise to demonstrate outside the Storting. One should show more self-discipline, it is disloyal to oppose those who are in government.

Per-Olav Lauvstad / Akershus

- I would also have taken part in the demonstration against sending fighter jets to Afghanistan if I had been in Oslo. But I react to the criticism of Minister of the Environment Bjørnøy. The development of the Hatteberg watercourse will not have such major consequences.

Gro Hareide / Vest-Agder

- You should not disregard the fact that I had joined the demonstration outside the Storting. I think it's okay that we have high ceilings in the SW without it meaning division. We must include all the wings of the party.

Terje Myhre / Aust-Agder

- It is problematic that parliamentary representatives demonstrate against their own government. I never would have done that. But otherwise it is perfectly fine for the government to be criticized, it is important with a high ceiling.

Jørgen Melve / Hordaland

- It is not a crisis in the first place to demonstrate against the government. But we must get used to proper procedures in the party so that everyone is heard regardless of wing. The fighter flight case shows that we are in a new situation when we have to stand behind a decision even though everyone knows that we are against.

Erling Outzen / Møre og Romsdal

- I do not think central SV members should hit the big drum every time they disagree with the government, as has been the case against Minister of the Environment Bjørnøy. Major matters of conscience must be reserved, such as the decision to send fighter jets to Afghanistan.

Arnfinn Monsen / Nord-Trøndelag

- We must always have an A-agenda – implement as much SV policy as possible in the government – and a B-agenda – say what SV thinks. We cannot become unspoken even if we are in government.

Ola Huke / Sør-Trøndelag

- It seems comical when parliamentary representatives demonstrate against their own government. I would not participate if I sat in the Storting. Here in the county, political opponents have already taken advantage of this.

Magne Aardal / Sogn og Fjordane

- It can not be the case that central SV members step on the grass outside the Storting. There must be more important reasons than a decision to send F16 aircraft to Afghanistan to demonstrate against their own government.

Kirsten Hasvoll / Nordland

- I do not think everyone in SV has thought through what it means to be in position. Central shop stewards must think through what is wise and unwise in relation to protests against their own government.

Charles Mortensen / Finnmark

- Everyone in SV must be allowed to react in relation to matters that the government decides. I think it was all right that parliamentary representatives showed sympathy with the peace movement's protest against sending fighter jets to Afghanistan.

Hans Petter Aas / Oslo

- Storting representatives and leaders in SV have arenas to discuss the government's policy, and should make sure to make their voices heard there. At the same time, it is important that they listen to both those who participate in demonstrations and those who do not demonstrate.

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