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Split in SV about protests

The county leaders split in the view whether it is okay for the SV's parliamentary representatives to protest against their own government.


Michael Bo Bergman / Vestfold

- War participation creates strong commitment in SV, we have no "never-mind" button. It is both important and right that the party's shop stewards make a loud noise when our adopted policy is broken. It has to do with pain threshold.

Aksel Hagen / Oppland

- I think it was good that we marked ourselves outside the Storting against the decision to send fighter jets to Afghanistan. But I am surprised that profiled SV members have been so quick to criticize our own ministers in environmental and school matters.

Steinar A. Miland / Telemark

- There has been a lot of stumbling and starting difficulties for SV. There is no doubt that there is a lot of frustration in the party, but one should think about whether it is wise to demonstrate. . .

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