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Sri Lanka is asking Norway to stop helping the Tigers

Sri Lankan authorities have, according to Sri Lankan media, asked Norway to halt the financial support of the Tamil tigers.


It has not gone unnoticed that Ny Tid wrote two weeks ago about Norway's million-dollar support for the terror-stamped Tamil Tigers (LTTE) who are fighting for an independent state in Sri Lanka.

A number of media outlets in Sri Lanka have referred to the news that Norwegian authorities have supported LTTE with NOK 17,5 million from 2002 to 2004.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, support for what is referred to as the Tamil Tigers' peace secretariat this year continues "at about the same level for the same purpose". By the end of the year, therefore, an estimated 25 million kroner will have been paid to the organization led by V. Prabhakaran, wanted by Interpol for "murder, organized crime and terrorism".

Many have approached Ny Tid in recent weeks and wondered why Norway supports a terrorist organization. Even foreign embassies in Norway have contacted Ny Tid and expressed their surprise at this.

Now it looks like the authorities in Sri Lanka are also taking action in relation to the Norwegian support. According to an article in the Sri Lankan online newspaper ColomboPage earlier this week, "informed sources" are quoted as saying that the Sri Lankan authorities have decided to ask Norway to stop aid to the LTTE.

No comment from the Foreign Ministry

Ny Tid's attempt to get a confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on this, resulted in the following e-mail from the acting head of information at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Odd Naustdal:

"Regarding this inquiry, please direct it to the Sri Lankan authorities. It would be wrong for Norway to comment on the parties' communication with us in confidential conversations. The Sri Lankan authorities themselves should be given the opportunity to respond. "

Meanwhile, uncertainty about the road ahead for the peace talks in Sri Lanka continues. Newly elected President, Mahinda Rajapaksa, has announced a full review of the ceasefire agreement with the Tamil Tigers and Norway's role in the peace process. He is expected to make an official statement on this after his planned India visit in mid-December.

Last week, Hindustan Times reported that the leader of the outbreak of Tamil tigers in eastern Sri Lanka, Colonel Karuna, wants India and the United Kingdom to replace Norway as a mediator.

The head of the LTTE, Prabhakaran, for his part, gave a speech on what the Tamil Tigers call "Heros Day" – "Heroes' Day" – on Sunday 27 November. Here he gave the newly elected president a deadline until next year to come up with an "acceptable solution". If not, he warned that the LTTE would intensify its struggle for liberation.

Hore visits during negotiations

More bizarre was the speech Anton Balasingham gave on "Heroes' Day" for a large gathering of exiled Tamils ​​in London. Balasingham was the Tamil Tigers' chief negotiator during the peace talks Norway organized before they broke up in 2003.

One of the rounds of negotiations took place in Bangkok, Thailand. In his speech on "Heroes' Day", Balasingham reveals that the young people in the LTTE's delegation "snuck away" from the negotiations in the afternoon to "shop" at Bangkok's countless brothels.

To great laughter and whistling from the congregation – Ny Tid is on audio recordings from Balasingham's speech – the LTTE leader then says that he also joined the brothel to check out the "puppet-like" Thai whores.

However, his white wife – Balasingham, who is married to an Australian woman – kept him in check and prevented the promiscuity of Thai prostitutes. So tells Balasingham himself – to great laughter and hoiing from the hall.

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