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The place between east and west

Dubai emphasizes its Bedouin culture, but is still the most "western" in the Arab world. This can be a provocation for those who do not want modernity or western values ​​on the Arabian Peninsula.


Dubai has spent millions of dollars marketing itself internationally as one of the most expansive places in the Arab world. Dubai can be said to have succeeded in full force. The goal for Dubai was to become the Singapore of the Middle East, but has already passed both Singapore and the rest of the world in adventurous development. Dubai has become the Arab's response to the dream of America. The difference is that Dubai's intention is to be somewhere between East and West.

Where in the world can one experience a luxury living with a touch of 1001 nights? The new hotels in Dubai are constructed around the Arab culture as we know it from the European art history of the last century, that is, as something exotic. Dubai rates. . .

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