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Closed AKP files

The AKP's have long since been given the folder, but no outsiders have yet had access to AKP's own archives. Nor did Hans Petter Sjøli.


- I have not made any personal inquiries in the work with the book, but many have done so before – and received no. I reckon that we will experience an opening of the archives soon, but that should have happened a long time ago, Sjøli thinks.

What needs to be found in the party's own archive is one thing. What is even more important, Sjøli believes, is that the former party tops should publish their private archives.

- They are on a lot of paper, and there is no doubt that there are several archives. And had I been working on the book even longer, I would have gotten hold of one of them. In any case, an extremely large amount of paper was produced and sent to the management, and I have a very hard time believing that this was shredded. Maybe there is a kind of pact between the party leaders not to publish this, since they have so much different information about each other?

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