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Steady course – with the USA


Of course, it is not related that the new government should both continue the same foreign policy major course and withdraw from the US war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is therefore the boss who keeps his words, while the formalistic and cosmetic fig leaves that the SV and the left side of the AP may not be able to hide the reality: Norway will continue to support the US-led occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just as the withdrawal of the 150 Norwegian soldiers in the summer of 2004, who were largely in the military and protecting themselves, was undermined by the fact that Norway

retained about a dozen officers in the British and Polish sectors in Iraq, so

the withdrawal of the 10-12 officers is now undermined by the fact that there are still Norwegian officers in Iraq in formal NATO service. If there are one or four Norwegian military left in Iraq, Bush can still say that "Norway is there". IN

in addition, the withdrawal is compensated by the 10-12 with increased training assistance at Jøttå and possibly other places in the Gulf, while also

Norway will continue with its significant arms assistance and financial support for the occupation.

Norway has been among the most eager to step up NATO support for the occupation since the Istanbul decision last June. This is not going to happen by now.

The peace movement and others who want the occupation of Iraq to cease soon must not be fooled by the maneuver now being done. The requirement for a full stop in all Norwegian occupation support must be strengthened! The forces within the government coalition that stand for this view must also push for this.

Hind Dhakil, Committee on a Free Iraq

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