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Bigger than ever

This autumn, deLillos, DumDum Boys, Raga Rockers and Jokke & Valentinerne are selling out Norwegian rock's main hall, Rockefeller, nine times. Although Joachim "Jokke" Nielsen died five years ago. "The Big Four" also dominates the charts. Tribute plate The best to me and my friends – A tribute to Joachim Nielsen thundered into second place on the VG list, higher than Joachim "Jokke" Nielsen himself managed when he was alive. Raga Rockers' 1983-2000 – Ragas best set a new Raga record as it climbed to second place this week, while deLillos' 20th anniversary record The party's not over ... it's cake again has been on the list for 15 weeks. Now the oslo band becomes the first thing to be honored with deluxe treatment when Suspend departed Deluxe Edition og Before, it was fun with Snow Deluxe Edition released with the famous Kjerringvik demos. . .

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