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Supports Contemporary criticism

The women's front endorses Martine Aurdal's criticism of the prostitution coverage of the time. PFU leader Per Edgar Kokkvold discourages the magazine's mention of catering customers.

- I agree with Aurdal in most of what she writes, says Anne Kalvig in the Women's Front's National Board. Kalvig is also an associate professor of religious history at the University of Stavanger.

It was in last week's edition of Ny Tid that debate editor Martine Aurdal put a critical spotlight on the highly respected magazine Samtiden and editor Knut Olav Åmås' presentation of prostitutes. The debate ended on Friday in NRK P2's Dagsnytt 18, where Aurdal met Åmås and journalist Martin Gaarder for an engaged exchange of words.

Aurdal criticized the identification of prostitute Gina and her prostitutes, which included an "Africa expert" in a humanitarian organization.

Kalvig also wonders what the purpose of the article of the Day is:

- Is it to point out that there are many different stories among the prostitutes? We've heard it before, it's old news, not least thanks to the PRO Center's polemics. But this stands in the way of the far more important question of whether we want the purchase of other people's bodies and sexuality to be legal or not, says Kalvig.

The head of the Women's Front in Stavanger had wished for a completely different focus in Contemporary, although the author's angling is one possibility.

- It is symptomatic and depressing that it is always the woman who is focused on when discussing prostitution, as long as there are most men in the system. It is first and foremost the whore customers. . .

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