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Does the Israel lobby govern US foreign policy?

The United States is doing a lot of stupid things in the Middle East, but it's not the fault of American Jews.


[essay] Israeli and American security policy are closely intertwined, there is no conspiratorial allegation. But does the United States have a Middle East policy that opposes American self-interest? Is it "someone" who makes the world's most powerful country act unwise? The war against Iraq, and later possibly Syria and Iran – are the neoconservatives behind it, or is it someone behind it again? These few, we should believe political scientists and neo-realists John J. Mearsheimer (b. 1947) and Stephen M. Walt (b. 1955), are the Israeli lobby.

After the article "The Israel Lobby" was rejected by the American magazine Atlantic Monthly, it appeared in the London Review of Books this spring and created a furore that has been compared. . .

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