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Hunger strike and suicide

How far is it from Guantánamo in Cuba to Cathedral Square in Oslo?


[protest] More than 100 prisoners of hunger strike in the US prison camp lately. Like many Afghans hunger strikes in Oslo in protest that Norwegian authorities will send them to Kabul. Three prisoners on Guantánamo committed suicide last weekend. That happened in sheer desperation, Human Right Watch believes. No, these are smart, creative people who, with a death contempt, performed a PR stunt, Guantánamo's boss Harry Harris said.

Doctors who have assessed the situation in Oslo say that lives can be lost. And, as the hungry themselves argue, "It is better to die here than in Afghanistan. At least here is noticed ». Similarly, it is well noticed that terror suspects take their lives in American captivity. George W. Bush stated before the recent suicides that he is concerned about the situation on Guantánamo.

Norwegian politicians are also terrified. What happens if hunger strikes die from exhaustion or take their own life in a different way?

Siv Jensen believes it is unheard of for the prime minister's father to speak to Afghans. Not because he is the boss's father, but because you should not talk to people as hunger strikers for a stay in the country. If someone dies, it is not our problem and not something we can relate to.

What thoughts do Norwegian politicians have about why prisoners on Guantánamo or Afghans in Norway commit suicide or hunger strikes? Of course, the various actions do not have the same causes, but human reason indicates that it is due to desperation and powerlessness, rather than irritation over the US or pure humiliation that one cannot get a fat life in Norway. Siv Jensen and others may of course think this is a publicity stunt (Jensen has not said so), but the lack of interest in understanding human behavior and action also indicates a lack of interest in basic humanity.

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