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The hunger strike in silence

At a reception in Lier, eight Somalis went on hunger strike. The UDI tried to prevent Ny Tid from coming into contact with them.


[Hunger strike] The Afghan asylum seekers who from 26 May left Oslo Cathedral are not the only ones who use hunger strike as a form of protest in Norway. Ny Tid has found some of the country's unknown hunger strikers.

On Friday, June 23, eight Somalis began hunger strikes in protest of the authorities' treatment of them, and against conditions at Lier's state waiting reception at Lierskogen outside Drammen.

- The reason we went on hunger strike is that we do not have a good life here. We are isolated, says Adnan Haji Engh, spokesman for the hunger strikers.

Lier Reception opened in April as the first "waiting reception" in Norway, intended only for asylum seekers who have received final rejection of their applications. Previously, the site was a regular asylum reception, but when the waiting reception opened in April, Lier's waiting reception was also the first of its kind in Europe.

The approximately 40 residents receive clothes and food, but not unemployment benefits. . .

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