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Coolness of poetry

It is permissible to throw in the arms of poetry page boutants.


[poem] This week I will plunge into poetry collections. I have a whole heap, and they come from different cities and different eras, and many I have got cheap, cheap, cheap on the hall, and they lie in a heap at home with me. And I throw myself at them and they receive me and get hold of what is not there today. It is so that when you have read too many documents and too many related issues you need it to dissolve, flutter, that words do not link in the same way anymore, and you do not need to understand everything but that the way words are put together seems more than words in themselves, you do not realize that I do not fully understand how to say this, right?

Top of the pile: Debutantane. Musicians Karl Seglem say poetry page / collection of words STILLA IS A AKER fifty poems and several songs. I am not sure if I like everything, but I like something, I like this: «Jotunheimen / a gigantic clock flock energy / jotnane where the jotnane is / Coltrane / wholeheartedly / out of madness / with his own journey / hundred years of his heartbeat / on conscience / the pinnacle stretches / sings / peaks stretches / it pits / it pours all the way here ».

Maybe because I like Jotunheimen, and maybe because I long for the west I like this: "the reflex dangling / with the November evening / the body over rima oil gravel / moon / with its whole / sun half / in the sea / west most west / west most."

Another poetry debutant, Thomas Marco Blatt, is also good to land with, he has a whole other language in How I Want to Measure the World, and I think I like it better, but I can't explain it, either. He ends like this: “It is said that thinking about / was the most important principle of utopia / and I say that everything I long for / has a double meaning; / so the Sumerian word for love / also had the meaning to measure the earth / thus I will measure the world ».

How last I throw myself in the armies at this time has write Goes on and writes: "Where are you / In the chaotic light / In the color bursting light / One evening I put flowers in the hair tips / It suddenly turns on / Fit warm liquid flushes through stomach arms legs / First I stand in front of the mirror / Then I go out »

My name is Ellen Grimsmo Foros and the book is blue and yellow, and so I want to go out.

[backyard hall] And if I want to make the bookbuilding even higher, I go straight to the backyard hall at Tronsmo bookstore in Oslo on 8 and 9 September, or to Aschehoug which has 50.000 books for the same day.

[mountain film festival] And if I want to go even higher I go to Jotunheimen, to the mountain film festival 8-10. September. The festival offers lectures and adventurers and jotnar and film on a huge outdoor screen with the beautiful Hurrungane in the background. If it is nice weather, you can climb in it too, look up into the air, look down at the rest of the world.

[chapter festival] Otherwise, I would like to think more about Westland. Chapter 06 will be held in Stavanger from 13-17. September. This is Norway's most international literary festival, and this year Denmark and Africa will get into the hearts of participants: Chenjerai Hove from Zimbabwe is the freelance writer of the year in the city, and Sefi Atta and Uzodinma Iweala are novels. One can get dancing and.

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