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Reply to Hanne at 15


Hi! I am a girl who lives in Sogn og Fjordane. I myself have good experience with writing. I work in local newspapers and write a lot both at home and at school. That's why I'm good at it! The key to good grades lies precisely in this, work. This post is halfway to a reply to the post from Hanne and halfway to some kind of tribute to the New Norwegian.

You wonder: What do we need the new cod? Then we might as well ask; what do we need the bookmarks for? Based on the linguistic achievements of the post you write, it doesn't seem like you care about any of the parts. But I still have an answer to what you ask. New Norwegian is a part of the Norwegian language. It has meant a lot to our history and culture. Most people agree that we have to preserve the old cultural heritage we have. Nature, our indigenous people and our language. Many also think that the way we take care of our culture is too bad. They are right in that. You are 15 years old and have probably had a little about old Norwegian at school. You probably didn't notice it, but the thing is that Old Norse, our native language, is the origin of New Norse. Bokmål has its roots in Danish. Some researchers have estimated that the Norwegian cod may be out in a few hundred years. You will probably stay safe in a coffin when this happens, but then we have failed. Then we have simply thrown away a large part of Norwegian history, our culture. It can't be right?

Do you think really? that it is the politicians who decide how we should have it in this country? Why do you think we're voting? Do you think politicians are making such choices as they like? If you follow a little, you know that they have election campaigns on TV where they put forward such issues, and how they mean that we should work with things in society to make it better. Then we vote for the party we most agree with. This means that the majority in Norway voted for the Labor Party, the SV and the Center Party to take over power. We call it a people-elected government.

You make it seem as if the grade you get in Nynorsk is absolutely decisive for whether you enter the school with higher requirements. Your teacher does not seem like a very good teacher. Namely, a good teacher must do everything possible for the students to do their best. If the teacher also thinks that New Norwegian is a waste of time, then that is not exactly the best motivation, is it?

You say you understand why we have math, science and English. But it all depends on what you want to be when you grow up. Nevertheless, all basic knowledge in all subjects needs to be able to function in everyday life and in working life. Even if you may not want to use New Norwegian in the day-to-day, it is actually our generation that will take over the power one day, and then you simply have to sit with some knowledge and experience, whether you want it or not. Besides, we can't go into the future without being able to take care of the past?

Helsing Suzanne at 15.

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