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Singing application

Eurosong is kitsch in the west. In the East, there is an application to join the European Cultural Community – and the EU.


[music] Luiz Ejlli stares lonely into the fireplace, surrounded by a bunch of gubber in traditional folk costumes. The camera sweeps over large hotels and inviting beaches, while the old men dance by a swimming pool. It is the first time Albania has joined the Eurosong, which we still call the Melodi Grand Prix here in Norway. The video for the song "Zjarre ftohtë" will sell both Ejlli and all of Albania to the rest of Europe.

- Most countries in Eastern Europe have the same perception of Eurosong as Norway had until the 1980s. It's an entertainment program, but they take it very seriously. It has to do with national pride, believes Melodi Grand Prix expert Jostein Pedersen.

Entrance ticket to the EU

Since Estonia won the final in 2001, Eurosong has increasingly symbolized the gateway to the new Europe for the states. . .

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