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Take the city back

International advertising agencies are taking over our cities.

[25. May 2007] There is a revolution going on. American Clear Channel and French JCDecaux have quietly entered into agreements with at least 31 Norwegian municipalities for large advertising spaces. The city councils in Oslo and Bergen have joined forces with French and American business interests in the fight against the will of the people. The plan is clear, and is formulated in Clear Channel's ten bids for good advertising: The cities must be characterized by sex, children and celebrities – in the greatest possible perspective, with light, movement and four colors.

In Bergen, all the city's city council politicians have been summoned as witnesses when the municipality now sits on the indictment bench in the district court. They face a claim for compensation of 5 million kroner, because the politicians have used their democratic right to vote against an agreement that would affect the Bergen cityscape. . .

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