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Tabloid pop

When pop music is tabloidized, we are left with medallions and ringtones.


[pop] When rock seriously hit LPs in the 1960s, many took a break with the three-minute pop song. Today, three minutes is too tedious for ever more DJs, artists and consumers. Songs are now boiling down to the essence, and the explosive market for mobile phone ringtones favors songs that will be said within a few seconds. The pop song is tabloidized down to a chorus from the chorus, an easily recognizable "oneliner" or a striking instrumental part.

"Just stop the music, you can hear this on your ringtone", sings R. Kelly in "Tryin 'to Get a Number". The big man crazy r & b king has, as always, the finger on the spirit of the times, and the album Double Up is full of songs that go straight to the throat. . .

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