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conspiracy theories

Healthy skepticism about alternative perspectives

Conspiracy Theories: The Internet is teeming with conspiracy theories that can be both a driving force and a tool for political propaganda and suspicion of the opposing party.

The magic word that shatters the debate 

"I'm not into conspiracy theories, except the ones who are true or involved dentists." Michael Moore

Let's stick to science when it comes to 9/11, not conspiracies

Unfortunately, there was more focus on the "problem of conspiracy theorists" than the discussion of facts and scientific arguments after Ny Tid's 9/11 article in September.

"Obviously 9 / 11 was a blast," Ketcham says

September 11st: What was it that destroyed the World Trade Center 11. September 2001? Much indicates that it was a controlled demolition, experts say.


Conspiracy: It is with conspiracy theories as with all other theories: Either they are true or they are false – and this can only be clarified through investigations.