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Raw, naked and masculine

Achilles the Dead: brutalism

RACISM?: Before it was the Baroque that seduced Mbembe, now it is brutalism – used as an analytical breaking point to understand Africa and its relationship with Europe.

«The disciplinary community was born out of the great plague epidemics»

Achilles the Dead: brutalism

CONTROL: Today, millions of racialized bodies have been made redundant in relation to the metabolism of capital and are being written into a digitally mediated nexus of exclusion, control and destruction technologies. MODERN TIMES here goes into the topic via author Achille Mbembe in three articles.

Politically correct porn book on French oppression

Pascal Blanchard, Nicolas Bancel, Christelle Taraud, Dominic Thomas, Gilles Boëtsch: Sex, race and colonies

COLONIAL SEX: Middle-class porn or a welcome new look at sexual relations during the colonial era? This is the question critics of the French splendor book Sexe, race et colonies ask themselves.

The age of the investor and the investor

Michael Feher: Le temps des investis. Essai sur la nouvelle question social

: To be or not to be creditworthy – that is the question in the age of investment capitalism.

Time, space and revolution

Serge Quadruppani: Le monde des Grands Projets et six alone. Voyage of the new religious revolutionaries

: On the other side of the barricades, activists are building a society where they own their own time. 

Elite liberalism + mass nationalism = true

Jean Francois Bayart: L'impasse national-libérale. Globalization and repli identitaire

: For political scientist Jean François Bayart, globalization and the development of national identity are complementary processes.