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An incantation against neo-fascism

Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen: Late Capitalism Fascism

CAPITALISM: The fight is not now about the right not to be exploited, but the right to be allowed to participate? There is much that is valuable in Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen's short book about the possible return of fascism in today's world – but it is weak in terms of empirical documentation.

South African identity

PHOTO: The South African photographer Santu Mofokeng recently died at the age of 63. His image essays from the time during and after apartheid, on the other hand, live on.

Masterpiece on the history of South Africa

: The history book we needed about South Africa has finally arrived – and it probably could not have been written by anyone else. The story is dramatic, diverse and shocking, but also leaves optimism and hope.

Cape Town – the freedom town in the rainbow country

: This winter, a racism debate exploded in the South African media. Visiting Cape Town is like standing at a crossroads where the ghosts of the apartheid era meet progressive values.