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20 years that we didn't dare to dream about

THE STORY: Orientering was created as a fighting body after the Norwegian Labor Party had brought Norway into NATO. But the newspaper fronted both the East and West blocks. The newspaper's focus was particularly on working, wage and living conditions for small people, as well as surveying economic power in Norwegian society and the real power holders behind the Storting.

Galtung's method of peace

CONFLICT RESOLUTION:: Johan Galtung turns 90 on UN Day on 24 October.

Gandhi's method

NEWSPAPER EDITOR: Fighting for peace and reconciliation is not easy.

To reconcile trauma

: Ny Tids' now regular columnist, peace researcher Johan Galtung, draws lines between possible reasons why the world is as it is – and solutions to the challenges we face.

"Galtung is not anti-Semite"

: Johan Galtung is the father of peace research.

Johan Galtung: How is Norway going?

: How independent and critical can one be? In part 2 of the double interview with Johan Galtung, we talk about Norway's relations with the USA, Sweden, Muslims, anarchism and Marxism.

Johan Galtung: Security does not give peace – peace gives security

: Ny Tid has visited the founder of peace research Johan Galtung in his home in Spain. Now he is 87 – and still in full vigor.

USA in free fall

: The United States as a superpower will cease faster under Trump, according to Johan Galtung.