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Alternative Crimean history

About the detachment from Ukraine and the Western sanctions seen with the eyes of Crimea.

Person cult and left-wing radicalism

21. December every year an endless number of Russians put down red carnations to pay tribute to their hero Josef Stalin. But who puts down carnations for the millions he made sure to kill?

Which right?

The documentary about the Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov's trial gives an insight into a still hopeless judicial system in Russia.

Magnitsky Acts alternative facts 

Ny Tid has reviewed official Russian investigations, autopsy reports and police interrogations and checked the facts against the message in The Magnitsky Act. The allegations in the film are in direct contrast to the Russian authorities' own findings. 

Tortured and killed after being denied asylum in Norway

Torture: Despite warnings, Chechen Apti and Umar were denied asylum and had to leave Norway. The Helsinki Committee and Memorial say the two were tortured and killed by the Chechen authorities. Are the Norwegian authorities responsible for their subsequent death after refusing them political asylum?

Political task game from the Cold War cookbook

When the submarines show up in Swedish waters, the media immediately points to Moscow. The misleading campaigns appear almost like a parodic copy of the 1980 century policy.

The free word – Socialism and freedom part III

We bring here the third and final part of Jens Bjørnebo's article series Socialism and Freedom