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Lordships and parasites

Joon-ho Bong: Parasite

GOLD PALM WINNER: Modern class divisions are strongly present in this year's Film from the South opening film Parasite, which is a bubbling and biting social satire you should not know too much about in advance.

The jobs of the future can cure loneliness

AUTOMATION: Technological innovations can create jobs that will satisfy man's inherent social needs

The discomfort of breathing

: Our disappointment on social media only stimulates the pursuit of increasingly sophisticated manipulation techniques. Detoxification is not the answer, writes Geert Lovink.

Together we are less alone

George Monbiot: Out of the Wreckage

: The competitive principle of neoliberalism goes against our nature; it is cooperation that is unique to our species – and cooperation that can save us.

A welcome disturbance

Riley Boots: Sorry to Bother You

: Class struggle, racial segregation, telephone sales and stupefying reality shows are key elements in Boots Riley's fucking violent and satirical debut film, Sorry to Bother You.