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Muslim elites, exercise of power and terror

Alessio Iocchi: Living through Crisis by Lake Chad. Violence, Labor and Resources

AFRICA: What can a book say about Boko Haram or the porous border between today's Cameroon and today's Chad? Or about the pre-colonial kingdom of Kanem-Bornu?

Democracy in French-speaking Africa

Leonardo Villalon, Rahmane Idrissa (ed.): Democratic Struggle, Institutional Reform, and State Resilience in the African Sahel

SAHEL IN ENGLISH: France has, in a strange way, managed to preserve the hegemony over its former colonies, also in terms of the dissemination of knowledge. This book is a much-needed exception, which provides the background for understanding the recent coup in Mali.

The unpleasant truth

Marielle Debos: Living by the Gun in Chad

: Living by the Gun in Chad is a real find for those who want to understand the political complexity of sub-Saharan Africa.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Magali Greenhouses: Hissène Habré – Prosecuting and Embarrassing Ally.

: MOVIE OF THE MONTH: Anyone who believes that in certain circumstances it may be morally right to support a tyrannical regime should watch this film.

Sober and upsetting

: With a striking sobriety, the documentary Hissein Habré, A Chadian Tragedy tells of the little-known abuses that took place during the reign of the despot Habré in Chad.