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Tango for three

Is anti-racism the same as multiculturalism, and is anti-racism dangerous for women?

[chronicle] "Is multiculturalism dangerous for women?" asked the American philosopher and feminist Susan Moller Okin in 1997. Thus, she initiated a debate that has gained classic status in political normative theory. In Norway and the Nordic countries, this debate became particularly relevant after the assassination of Swedish Fadime in 2002. Professor Unni Wikan is among those who have been most strongly involved in the debate, and her answer is yes, without a doubt: Multiculturalism is dangerous for women, and especially young women – which is sacrificed on the altar of culture. In the zeal to respect "foreign cultures", the authorities play along with those who have the power to define what is culture and what is good in culture. They do not take into account that there are also oppressed minorities within oppressed minorities, Wikan said.

It is first and foremost the state that is on the dock in Wikan's book Generous Betrayal from 2002, but also the many multiculturalists and – says Wikan – the anti-racists who have been eager for this policy and gagged. . .

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