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Sit on a train and think of justice.


[movie] As true as the Bergen Railway really is, it's that I get to the important things when I'm on the road with it. I sit and gnash in the sour seats, and all the unimportant things I have to remember are pulled away like a shower curtain could be pulled away in a musical, until I finally sit there and puzzle with existence.

I sit down in the afternoon

the express from Oslo to Bergen on Friday 20 October and thinks of Anna Politkovskaja this time, Ny Tid's columnist who was killed on 7 October.

Every time I read Anna P's column in this magazine, I thought: It can't possibly be true. For had it been true, she would not have been able to write it. But it was true and she couldn't write it. Anna P's death shows that we have a regime of the very worst kind to the east of us.

Although I could doubt Anna P, it is now imperative to believe in Carlo Nero's film Russia / Chechnya: Resistance voices, which will be shown at Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF), which began October 18, and runs until October 25 . In the movie, Anna P is one of the interviewees, and I want to see it because people often admire it: I have only seen her in photographs, and want to hear her voice, see how she phrased her sentences and whether she smiled. I also want to bring How Putin Came to Power about the man with his disturbing little and tight mouth.

So would I cultivate my resentment among like-minded American Hardcore, about the scene of hardcore punk in the United States between 1980 and 1986. Was it a social movement in Ronald Reagan's USA, as the program says, or just a bunch of under-stimulated homeowners with big tattoo budgets? Can something that seems so American also be a resistance movement? The film comes to the Oslo International Film Festival in November.

After that, I am ready to slip back into the comfortable and use organized crime as a time warp. I want to watch Martin Scorseses The Departed with Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio. I hope it is as smooth and quick as the reflection of one of Nicholson's onliners in a sunglasses.

[cd] After watching George Michael – A Different Story, about the man who is constantly caught asleep behind the wheel in the middle of traffic, I drive home to Oslo. I still can not drive a car without an escort, but someone comes and picks me up, and we drive through Arna, greet Osterøybrua and get up on the mountain. We listen to The Hold Steadys Boys and Girls in America, a record that does best in a car, preferably with a little meandering on each side of the road.

[dvd] If you can not go to Bergen, you can get sofa BIFF at home. Several of the films are already on DVD: Iranian Offside and Stephen Frears' classic My Beautiful Launderette are two examples. Other good reasons to stay home the rest of the week, and next, are new boxes with Six Feet Under and Prison Break, and all the episodes of The Hornblower, which will soon hit an online store near your global village.

[tv] Even if the President goes on TV, you can also get the seventh season on DVD. It's important to say it: We love you, Jimmy Smits! As presidential candidate Santos, you are the noblest man we can imagine, we who have loved you since you were Victor in LA Law. As you hold your inspired speeches, we cry our courageous tears for the world. The sympathy with people extends from fiction to reality, to all the brave in Russia and elsewhere.

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