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Sit on a train and think of justice.


[movie] As true as the Bergen Railway really is, it's that I get to the important things when I'm on the road with it. I sit and gnash in the sour seats, and all the unimportant things I have to remember are pulled away like a shower curtain could be pulled away in a musical, until I finally sit there and puzzle with existence.

I sit down in the afternoon

the express from Oslo to Bergen on Friday 20 October and thinks of Anna Politkovskaja this time, Ny Tid's columnist who was killed on 7 October.

Every time I read Anna P's column in this magazine, I thought: It can't possibly be true. For had it been true, she would not have been able to write it. But it was true and she couldn't write it. Anna P's death shows that we have a regime of the very worst kind to the east of us.

Although I could doubt Anna P, it is now imperative to believe in Carlo Nero's film Russia / Chechnya: Voices of Resistance, which will be shown at the Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF),. . .

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