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To those who want to fight anti-Semitism

THE HOLOCUS CENTER / Anti-Semitism is no joke. It seems generally accepted that outbreaks of war and conflict in
The Israel-Palestine relationship correlates with the frequency of registered anti-Semitic demonstrations.

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Jew-hatred has deep roots. Long before Hitler came to power, "Jew" was an insult in many cultures. That this is precisely related to Nazi Germany, is of course due to the industrial killing machine that degenerated in the 1930s and 1940s. But already Father Luther left behind texts that can be compared to Goebbels' propaganda machine, a legacy Lutherans have had to struggle with for hundreds of years.

Both Eastern and Western Europe cast deep shadows in the gruesome history of anti-Semitism.

I remember with an involuntary comic tinge that while traveling in Poland in the 1980s on one and the same day among communists I heard reference to the "Solidarność Jews" and a little later that Solidarność activists talked about the "Communist Jews"!

"Jew" seemed to have become an integral insult in the Polish language in line with genitals and other ugliness. That I in Warsaw and Gdansk, with Jahn Otto Johansens Poor Jewish mom (1980) as a guidebook, went in search of ingrained Jewish cemeteries, was overlooked. . .

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