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To church with Gysi and Lafontaine

It's Friday night, and people flock to the meeting room in the Resurrection Church east of Berlin to listen to Gregor Gysi and Oskar Lafontaine. The theme is "socialism on the agenda".


Gysi and Lafontaine are the two top figures in what will be the new left-wing party. Gysi is the lawyer who became popular in the west because he constantly defended dissidents persecuted by the East German regime and who was elected leader of the PDS when the wall fell.

Oskar Lafontaine was the leader of the West German Social Democrats from 1995-99, Minister of Finance in 1998-99, and resigned as Minister of Finance following a dramatic break with Schröder. Lafontaine wanted a far more active economic policy than Schröder was willing to accept. he demanded political control of the interest rate policy of the EU central bank.

When Christians don't give up ...

Both are known as gifted people – and did not shame their reputation. Written sections give only a dull sheen:

GYSI: The attempt at state socialism has humanity. . .

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