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Back to the source

"The Source" is back in the pure quartet format – the way it started


[Jazz] The Quartet The Source attracted considerable attention when they made their record debut in 1994. The CD Olemann's cornet – with letter play association to the new jazz guru Ornette Coleman and the image of a bloody depressed corps musician on the front – was a special breath in the young jazz of the 1990s, with sparkling compositions and arrangements, a fresh mix of strict form and freedom. The band's latest CD witnesses 12 years of maturation, with a subdued youth, but also similarities, a feeling that we recognize as the band's own.

There were four fresh musicians from the jazz line in Trondheim who started the band in 1992, trombonist Øyvind Brekke, saxophonist Trygve Seim, bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and drummer Per Oddvar Johansen, all 21-24 years old. After the debut record, the young people went on a launch tour in Scandinavia and Germany, for then sought collaboration with musicians from other environments, including the rock group Motorpsycho during the Kongsberg Festival 1995, sounded at The MotorSourceMassacre (Stickman 2000) and worked for several years with the string quartet Cikada, the sound party. The Source and Different Cikadas (ECM 2001).

In 1995, they performed a version of Christmas songs, Of Christmas (Curling Legs), together with distinctive guest musicians, which spurred on annual Christmas concerts of a rather special nature. One of them was recorded and released as "Of Christmas Live at Blue" (Booting Legs 2001). From 1996 Finn Guttormsen was the band's bassist, from 2005 replaced by Mats Eilertsen.

Trygve Seim entered the stable of German ECM Records in 2000, with the release of the CD Different Rivers ». Both Brekke and Johansen were here. This opened to the international market both for the Cikada record (released 2001), Trygve Seim's second (2004) and the quartet's sixth record, recorded last summer, simply called The Source (ECM 2005).

Already on the debut record, Øyvind Brekke was the band's most featured composer. This is even stronger today, as he has signed nine of the 13 compositions. While this is improvised music, in part very free, it has a compositional character, a deliberate design language and beautiful changes from drama and nerve to anthemic, inspired by both Mingus and Coleman. The traditional instrument roles have been dissolved. And the quartet is alone, with no guest musicians, strings or rockers, it's back to the source ...

Interested? Check these out:


The Source: Olemann's Cornet (Curling Legs 1994)

Vital debut album – a sparkling example of young Norwegian jazz 12 years ago.


The Source: The Source (ECM 2005)

The band's latest album – from 2005 – back to the source…


The Source: The Source and Different Cicadas (ECM 2002).

An example of fruitful collaboration across music genres.


Information about the band's history, important engagements and records.

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