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tolerance choice


"Vote for tolerance," "Vote for tolerance", it says on the poster above.

One might think that this was an SV slogan, intended for English-language voters in Norway ahead of the September 12 election day.

But this poster for gay relationships is rather from the Middle East, from Lebanon. Just before Christmas last year, the exclusive clothing store Aishti in the center of Beirut sold their clothes with the help of gays and lesbians.

Homosexuality in the Middle East has become even more topical this week. The Arab TV channel Al-Arabiya announced a few days ago that the Arab world has now undergone its first gay wedding. As New Age readers can read more about on page 6, in the Middle East column, the wedding between two men from Kuwait is said to have taken place at a hotel on the Nile in Cairo. According to the reports, the wedding guests from the Gulf must have partyed until five in the morning.

The messages from Al-Arabiya and the Egyptian weekly newspaper Al-Esbou are not certain. . .

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