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Cleared the office after the killing

The day before Anna Politkovskaya's Chechnya article went to press, the police cleared the source material office.


[seized] – The police arrived on Sunday and retrieved all the material for this case. We do not know when we will get it back, but we have plans to publish the article.

This is stated by Roman Shleynov, editor of investigative journalism in the Novaja Gazeta, where Anna Politkovskaya worked.

The journalist was killed on October 7. Now the police have

the action delayed the publication of her article.

- We obtained some shocking images of torture in this case. They are so cruel that we have not been able to print them yet, Shleynov explains.

According to journalists in Novaya Gazeta and the newspaper Kommersant in Moscow, the police seized absolutely every document in Politkovskaya's office. They took her filing cabinets, case files and computer, and a lot of letters from her sources. . .

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