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Three Norwegian folk musicians

The trio Naheddi from Iraq and Burkina Faso dreamed of playing at the Oslo World Music Festival, but never got an answer. Instead, they were nominated for Norway's first folk music award.


Last Saturday, Adama Barry from Burkina Faso stood at the factory in Oslo with butterflies in her stomach. He has previously received his country's most prestigious cultural award, The National Week of Culture, but this feels special. For now, the flutist, dancer and singer from the nomadic Fulani tribe can be honored with the brand new Folkelarm award – aka the Norwegian Folk Music Award. Naheddi, the album Barry released this summer together with the Iraqi musicians Hassan Mahdi and Amir Saion, is nominated in the category «open class / experimental» – in competition with the fiddle player Nils Økland, the folk music group Majorstuen and Gjertrud's Gypsy Orchestra.

- We did not know that we were registered once, our record company had done that, the trio says to Ny Tid.

Didn't win

There will be no prize for the trio this Saturday night, for the first Open Class award goes to Geitungen and the album Good throw. It doesn't matter, because the nomination was a victory in itself.

- The nomination itself has given us a big boost and means in itself. . .

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