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Roar Flåthen warns against the right-wing forces, but will also be the FR's LO leader.

[profile] The sun shines over Youngstorvet, through the blinds in the People's House and into the desk of Roar Flåthen. The crisp spring light penetrates through offices and corridors, looking for dark hooks, painful encounters, a possible touch of fear culture. But well placed in soft and green furniture, the new LO manager sits and smiles and talks about the middle-sector settlement in the private sector.

- The low-wage problem exists in both the private and public sector, these are issues that are pervasive. When you are elected to LO's management, we have a responsibility for all members. Then we are available to everyone, regardless of sector, says Flåthen.

The question is asked because Roar Flåthen himself has a background in Iron and Metal, Fellesforbundet, private sector, industry. His predecessor came from the Norwegian Civil Servants' Association, she was a woman and spoke for. . .

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