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The trump that was not played


Former prime minister and right-wing leader Kåre Willoch warned against making homecoming and the ownership of hydropower a theme in the election campaign during the national assembly to National Association of Hydropower Communi- ties in Loen in early August. He probably knew what he was doing when he asked representatives of 150 hydropower municipalities to forget this issue in the election campaign. The right-wing leadership wisely followed Willoch's advice. But why did the red-green do it?

Why did not Kristin Halvorsen or Øystein Djupedal say once on television: «The choice is a value choice – shall we defend the basis for Norway's welfare – ownership of natural resources – or should we sell this basis abroad. The Conservatives want to both sell out Statoil and sell ours

hydropower resources abroad? »

For me it is incomprehensible that something like this has not been said by SVs (or the other red-green party leaders) in the TV debates ahead of the election. The case was only discussed generally a few times by Jens Soltenberg and Marit Arnstad before the election.

In several counties, SV and Sp's parliamentary candidates have used the ownership of natural resources and hydropower as a theme and, among other things, written. . .

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