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Tuastad's core?


Kva SV's core is, I have no idea, after reading Svein Tuastad's debate post against Hans Ebbing in Ny Tid nr 37.

On the other hand, I get to confirm something I've long known. So a "state scribe" knows something about stat. At once, he / she is unaware of history. Thus, the person in question here has all the preconceptions for living in the illusions of Verda he / she wishes.

So the US is trading out of it normatively positive in this case: the support to Franco-Spain, and NATO member Portugal under Salazar's right-wing dictatorship. The support for the Greek right-wing in the Greek civil war, and the embrace of the military dictatorship in the country all the way up to 1974. The same applies to the military dictatorship in the NATO country Turkey. Furthermore, we know it normatively positive roles for the United States in Vietnam, Laos, Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia under Pol Pot, Angola, Afghanistan in the 1980s, the military dictatorship in Argentina, Chile under Pinochet, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Iran under Shah Reza Palawi, Iraq under Saddam in the 1980s.

What Debts World War II, then US diplomat George Kennan expressed his great praise about Nazi Germany in April 1941. He was then a diplomat in Berlin. I don't know how many "traffic lights there are in England". But "The American Holocaust" is numerically identical to down the Nazi by the same name: 6 million human lives where the CIA has paved the way. Here's Steve Kangas: A Timeline of CIA Atrocities. The first to use the term "American Holocaust" was the former employee of the US Department of Foreign Affairs, William Blum.

What debt does the EU have?, I assume you know the reason why France said no, non, if you understand it better. Please keep Chirac away here. I watched French TV "no-night" in France in May this year. The EU will be it «Most competitive economy» in Verda by the year 2010. As an EU supporter, you are naturally aware of that. Recently, both Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair stated that the EU is improving a way to meet China within the WTO: Becoming more Competetive!

Competition-language skills is thus also the "core" of EU supporters in SV!

Kjell-Arnt Labukt, Sjursnes

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