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The television steps book harvest

You don't have to be a journalist or TV guy to publish a book this fall. But it helps.


[academic fall] NRK's ​​Jon Almaas sets himself up for new friendly-minded attacks from his buddies in New again when he comes up with his difficult third book in September. The big Norwegian TV book, with the subtitle Everything You Didn't Know About Norwegian Television Celebrities (and a little more), is typical of the academic fall, where the writers get a clear lead if they have a background from television.

- Since this is Jon, it is probably both deep and well-founded, and not least a necessary release. I look forward to reading it, says New on new colleague Knut Nærum, who himself is up to date with the children's book Kalle Komet og skreklingene.

- Children's literature, on the other hand, is of fascinating little interest.

Spinoff Books

Almaas and Nærum will have competition from several colleagues this autumn. Rune Gokstad also dives into the NRK archives with Ridiculous Moments, Tore Strømøy writes about genealogy, Noman Mubashir releases the book version of A Noman in Pakistan, and NRK reporter Olav Viksmo Slettan makes his fictional debut with the youth novel The Remarkable Story of Dingo Mortmann. Also present are Ellen Ørnes (Antiques and spinning tops), Toppen Bech (Mastership), Lise Finckenhagen (Breakfast TV), Henry Notaker, Ingrid Espelid Hovig and former NRK reporter Jahn Otto Johansen. . .

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