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Questionable language test

The police have language tested Somali asylum seekers with the help of contentious experts.


[asylum] On behalf of the Police's foreign unit, the Swedish company Scandinavisk Språkanalys AB has conducted language tests of 327 asylum seekers who have stated that they are Somali to the Norwegian authorities.

A recently published report concludes that 37 percent of these asylum seekers gave incorrect information about where they came from. But now it turns out that Språkanalys AB itself makes mistakes, and the company has received a lot of criticism.

In New Zealand, an analysis carried out by the Swedish company was rejected in court because it did not meet academic goals. Surveys conducted by the Swedish Migration Board show that tests conducted by Språkanalys AB and similar companies give wrong results in more than ten per cent of cases, and Swedish authorities have reduced the use of such services.

- They are not used as much today as before, says Anders Sundquist, who works as a lawyer in Rådgivningsbyrån, an organization that provides legal advice to asylum seekers.

Sundquist says that such companies will not provide information about analysts' expertise.

- We have long been critical of these analyzes

firms. We do not know who performs the analysis or what expertise they have. In Sweden this has become a problem, since this information must be provided in the courts. If one does not know the analyst's background, the evidence is worthless.

Pia Fernqvist in Language Analysis believes that the identity of the analysts must be kept secret for security reasons.

- These are small. . .

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