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Independence is the goal

Club leader Jógvan Gardar explains why all employees in Ny Tid are now asking for support to let Damm take over the weekly newspaper, so that jobs can be secured and new forces added.


New Time needs a solid saline injection. The newspaper has needed that for a long time. When the publisher NW Damm & Søn AS came on the scene with a concrete offer, where they offered the editors the freedom to develop today's newspaper into what we most of all want it to be – an important newspaper that creates debate in Norwegian society with a solid point of view in its political tradition – well then we could not say anything but thank you. Our goal is to create an independent newspaper.

We want independence to be able to make a better newspaper, contribute to debate and not least to preserve the newspaper's 53 year history

New Time and its predecessor Orientering has throughout its history been an important part of the debate on the Norwegian left, and in the Norwegian. . .

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