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Wolf, wolf

The government made full retreat in the sick pay case. They won't do that next time.

[10. November 2006] As the prime minister this week boasted of the compromise that the social partners have entered into around the sick pay scheme, few took advantage of the opportunity to plan for his lack of tenacity. Some business commentators have just been moaning about skulking workers or LO-controlled governments, but Gerd Liv Valla spoke on behalf of many as she shamed the government's turnaround operation.

Her point was justified – this is not a matter that should be prestigious. The agreement on inclusive working life (IA) is far too important for that. But expensive, future sick pay schemes are a question that will come up again. And next time, the government will have less reason to turn around.

Norway is the only western industrial country that has full sick pay from day one and consistently through. . .

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