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The next president of the United States?

Barack Obama has the charm of John F. Kennedy and is hailed as a rock star. He may be the Democratic candidate in 2008.


[usa] Hillary Clinton is increasingly challenged by the colored Illinois senator: the charismatic Barack Obama.

Ny Tid wrote last week about Hillary Clinton's strategy to win the presidency when George W. Bush resigns in just over two years.

While Clinton is known for being loved or hated, Obama is first and foremost a unifying politician across political and ethnic divisions.

This week it made headlines when it became known that he will have his own photo report in Men's Vogue in October, at the same time as his new book is published.

Lawyer Obama became a political superstar overnight after his moving speech to the Democrats' Congress in the summer of 2004. That fall, he was elected to the Illinois Senate with over 70 percent of the vote in the back.

Now he's talking about him as the next Democratic presidential candidate. The bookmakers already put him ahead of John Kerry. Less than five months before the US congressional elections, Democrats are still struggling to find a common platform to help them win. In this situation, more and more people point to Obama as the Democrats' new wonderboy.

- I have never seen anything like this in the house, says New York senator Charles E. Schumer, who has a sailing time of 25 years in the capital, to Ny Tid.

Schumer, who heads the Democratic election campaign this year, says that Obama is sought after throughout the country.

- Everyone wants him at their meetings. He appeals to something in everyone!

Currently, Obama is traveling the country and beach in election campaign for his Democratic party colleagues. Organizers are amazed at the massive turnout: During an event in Vermont recently, more than twice as many people as the hall could house. In New Jersey, he raised over three million Norwegian kroner. He receives over 300 voice invitations per week and sweeps in much-needed dollars for the chess-leaning Democratic Party.

This is seen by many as proof that Obama, who turns 47 in 2008 – one year older than Bill Clinton was in 1992 – is considering the possibility of running for president. Obama's popularity goes across gender, age and race. He is the poor young man who succeeded, the kind of American success story voters love.

Henning André Søgaard, New York, USA


  • Born as Hussein Obama jr. August 4, 1961.
  • Lawyer at the University of Chicago. Currently the only colored in the Senate.
  • The father is originally from Kenya, the mother from the United States. Obama is married to Michelle Obama, and has two daughters.

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