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The next president of the United States?

Barack Obama has the charm of John F. Kennedy and is hailed as a rock star. He may be the Democratic candidate in 2008.


[usa] Hillary Clinton is increasingly challenged by the colored Illinois senator: the charismatic Barack Obama.

Ny Tid wrote last week about Hillary Clinton's strategy to win the presidency when George W. Bush resigns in just over two years.

While Clinton is known for being loved or hated, Obama is first and foremost a unifying politician across political and ethnic divisions.

This week it made headlines when it became known that he will have his own photo report in Men's Vogue in October, at the same time as his new book is published.

Lawyer Obama became a political superstar overnight after his moving speech to the Democrats' Congress in the summer of 2004. That fall, he was elected to the Illinois Senate with over 70 percent of the vote in the back.

Now there is talk of him as the Democrats' next presidential candidate. The bookmakers are already putting him down. . .

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