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Out of soul

Classical music does not lie down to die. It has become both hip and popular.

[dress code] The blue suit and the feeling of devotion are left at home. The dress code is a hoodie and three-day beard, while the wardrobe guard has been replaced by a DJ, former Night & Day editor Gaute Drevdal, who plays Mozart. Some are scurrying across the floor with wet sneakers, from the bar clinking coins and the posters at the basement entrance evoke vivid memories of the teenage leisure club.

We are in the bomb-making premises of Betong at Chateau Neuf in Oslo, where the national concerts organize Klesskik club 1 – an outstretched hand to a younger audience who want to hear classical music. On the program are Bach, Ligeti and Ravel. String Quartet, harpsichord. . .

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